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We need you to help us make our products not work.

Some people call it the "quality assurance" department, but that's
more than just boring - it's a blatant lie. You and I both know
that software never works right ever, and certainly not the first
time. As a member of our elite "special operations" team, it'll be
your job to demonstrate this conclusively, in the first person, by
causing Net Integration Technologies products to fail horribly in
obscure ways. We will then proceed to frantically search for ways
to hide these flaws from customers.

You're a skilled software developer with experience in several of
the following areas:

* Diplomacy
* Breaking things
* C/C++, perl, Unix shell & windows scripting, and general
Linux & Windows system administration
* Buffer overruns, symlink attacks, setuid programs, and other
kinds of security exploits (please don't explain your
security exploit experience in too much detail - we'd rather
not know)
* TCP/IP networking, firewalls, VPNs, and Web & e-mail
* Benchmarking and stress testing

Unlike some testing positions, your work will be very decidedly not
repetitive; the nature of our networking products makes it easy to
write programs and scripts to check for most kinds of problems.
Your job will be to write the biggest, baddest, and meanest scripts
of all. You will be our worst nightmare.

This job is well suited for social outcasts or those who enjoy
working with happy, friendly, productive people and making them


Net Integration Technologies is a small, fast, fun company with
offices in Toronto and Montreal. We make network clients, servers,
and workstations that try to be everything to everybody, and
sometimes we even succeed. Visit http://net-itech.com/ for more

This job is available in either Toronto or Montreal.


Don't forget to mention interesting projects you've done in your
spare time, just for fun. We already know about school projects
that are the same as everyone else's



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Jan. 14th, 2004 10:27 pm (UTC)
YES!! I want this job. Right now. Actualy, I had a job like this. Will give you a lot of fun if used properly:) Our company (mikrotik.com) also produce routing (networking) software and some time ago I was working in the testing department.

How to make a piano from the router? Just remember that \n is a newline, \t is a Tab, and \a is a beep. The work remains is to write a script that sends to console \a with the given frequency.
Just imagine a routing farm of about 60 routers playing Jingle Bells:)
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