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Millennial Baby Art Cards

It's widely known that infants in their first few months of life enjoy looking at high-contrast black and white patterns. There is a whole industry of 'baby flash cards' and even 'baby art cards' out there, with drawings of cute animals, faces, and everyday objects. Starting early on, parents feel compelled to teach their babies about the world.

I propose we extend this idea.

Perhaps we could call this "Millennial Baby Art Cards"--that is, art cards for babies of Millennials.

We can start with the usual. Here are some (hopefully relatively cute) animals. I think we're safe here as these aren't going extinct too soon.


Oh, while we're on the subject of animals... What *does* the fox say?
(Click here if this passed you by.)


Babies also like simple geometric patterns. Perhaps we can start teaching them ones most useful for the future:


We should also probably tell them about weather phenomena other than "rain" and "shine".


On the topic of hurricanes, let's also teach them about FAKE NEWS.


"Yes, baby, that's where we live. This is all we could afford in this economy."


"They tell us these two things are at the root of our troubles."