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Bill C-24

Дорогие канадцы,

Кое-что очень большое сдохло в нашем королевстве, а многие из нас и не заметили. В прошлом году консервативным правительством Канады был принят закон, позволяющий лишать натурализованных канадских граждан гражданства по политическим причинам. Сейчас он постепенно вступает в силу. Это Bill C-24. Ознакомьтесь, пожалуйста, если вы еще с ним не знакомы. Начать можно вот с этой статьи, в которой есть ссылка на петицию: https://bccla.org/2015/06/its-official-second-class-citizenship-goes-into-effect/.

Я буду писать об этом больше, но пока что помещу сюда заметку, которую вчера записала для других социальных сетей.


Ok, let's talk about Bill C-24. The bill that makes me (and a large number of you) a second-rate Canadian. 

Do you have dual citizenship? This affects you. Do you NOT have dual citizenship but are you, like me, technically eligible for citizenship elsewhere (maybe in a country you have never been to) through one of your parents? This affects you.

Bill C-24 adds extremely concerning amendments to Canada's immigration law. Thanks to the Conservative government, it is now in force (https://openparliament.ca/votes/41-2/210/).

What are the concerning changes? This document from the Canadian Bar Association outlines some of them, see Revocation of Citizenship: http://www.cba.org/cba/submissions/pdf/14-22-eng.pdf.

The grounds for revocation of citizenship (applying to second-rate Canadians only) have been expanded. Before, citizenship could be revoked if it was received by false representation or fraud. Now, it can be revoked for political reasons. Yes, that is a problem. If, for instance, you (or I) are convicted of terrorism by the court of another country, we stand to lose our Canadian citizenship. How could this possibly happen to a decent human being? Well, here is a story. This weekend, we met Marina Nemat, the author of Prisoner of Tehran. Her biography is dramatic. At 16, she was arrested and imprisoned in Iran for her views against the Islamic revolution and her anti-revolutionary articles in a student newspaper. She was sentenced to death. After a dramatic escape, she became a Canadian citizen. However, if a similar story was to happen today, when she is a Canadian citizen, she would stand to lose her citizenship. Not because she did anything against Canada, but because a foreign government has sentenced her to a punishment for political reasons.

On with Bill C-24 changes. The right to appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal has been eliminated. The whole process has been streamlined, not necessarily requiring an official hearing in the first place. With citizenship revocation now possible for political reasons, it is incredibly important to have due process. The current process isn't it.

This topic is too important to be silent about, especially now. Otherwise, who knows? We, the second-rate citizens, may find ourselves threatened with the loss of our citizenship because we speak out against the government or against some laws.

Sort of as I did now.


Jun. 10th, 2015 02:59 am (UTC)
Угу, я тоже буду. В смысле, поищу кто у нас тут на районе заправляет, и напишу письмо. Пусть отрабатывают свою зарплату.